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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Unsatisfactory Spanish Rice

As I'm sure you inferred from the title of my post, I recently mad some crappy Spanish rice. Last night, I wanted to try a baked salsa verde recipe and I thought Spanish rice and a green salad would accompany the dish well. To be completely honest, neither the chicken or the rice turned out that great. The chicken wasn't bad, and the boyfriend enjoyed it. The rice, on the other hand, turned out mushy and lacking flavor. This was only my second time making Spanish rice and I remember it turning out a lot better the last time. I don't know exactly what went wrong this time, at first i was a little shy on the chicken broth & tomato sauce so the rice was drying out before it was fully cooked. I added more broth and some more tomatoes and their juices and let it simmer, but then it turned out mushy.

All in all, the whole meal was a bust for me and I was bummed. I thought it would be a lot better and I was planning on sharing the recipes with y'all! If anyone has any tips or secrets to making delicious Spanish rice I'm open for suggestions! Feel free to comment or email me!